Recently, I went to the island that people of Malaysia & all over the world love to go. The island is Langkawi. Before the trip, I make many research from the internet to find out what the island look like and all about it but the result is, I can't find any. I want my visit going smoothly and has no problem. At that time, I think, why don't you doing something to help other people to get the information about the island easily? And make they trip enjoyable and full of excitement. So, that's why I created this blog, to help all of you (I hope so). Please let me know if there is a fact mistake or what so ever. Because I'm just human (sure you are not alien...hahaha). And I feel sorry if my English is bad. Please give any comment or suggestion to me. I'll try to improve this blog from time to time. All the best.....Thanks a lot to all of you....!!!

Field of Burnt Rice (Beras Terbakar)

Soon after Mahsuri's premature death, in 1821 the formidable Siamese army made an attack on the Langkawi island. The Chieftain of Langkawi, Dato' Karma Jaya, ordered the granary to be burnt in order to starve the enemy.

The burnt rice is said to have been buried a few metres below ground but often appears on the surface after a rainy day.

The remnants of burnt rice can still be seen at this spot known as the Field of Burnt Rice especially after a heavy downfall that washes out the odd blackened grain or so. It's located at Kampong Raja, Padang Matsirat. In that time it was the ancient capital of Langkawi.

The curse is believed to have been the cause of the island's lack of development which lasted until the birth in 1980 of Wan Aishah Nawawi, a direct descendant of Mahsuri, after seven generations.

Now, at this visiting area, there are many bazaar and souvenier shop. So, you can buy something to bring home but not the burnt rice...

For Information:

Opening Hours: 09.00am to 06.00pm (Daily)
Location: Mukim Padang Matsirat
Entrance Fee: Free (Donations appreciated)
Tel: 604 966 7789

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